Forget about competitors

Now that the whole world is connected by Internet, you can easily see how other’s are doing.

It’s good that you can now reach the whole world from your living room, but the bad thing is that you might feel overwhelmed with competition.

You might think, “He is doing that for free. How am I supposed to do this if he’s doing that for free?”

“He’s ten times better than me, and he is charging half the price. Am I supposed to lower my price too?”

I was stuck in this thinking too, until I finally said, “Forget the competition, I’m gonna do what I want to do!”

So, once I decided to not try to “beat” the competitor, my world started to suddenly fill with peace, love, and happiness.

There’s room for everybody to express their creative work, and you don’t have to compete with anyone anymore.

The concept of trying to “beat” somebody else through competition is the old paradigm, which came from the old capitalism way of thinking.

In this new world we live today, there is no need to try to beat anyone through competition.

It’s not mutually exclusive, we can all do what we want, and we all have a place for us to bloom and prosper.

We all have our own place, and nobody can take that away from you.

There is no one pie to share amongst everybody else. There’s infinite amount of pie anyways.

By Genx Beats

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan. I create background music for video creators.

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