How I started getting followers on

Today, I am going to talk about how I started to obtain followers on

As of today, I have 891 followers on

It’s probably not much compared to other people, but I think it’s satisfactory for me.

And I will explain how I did it.

What I did was I went to Bittrex, and bought about 10000 LBC (LBRY Credits) and started to stake them (I should say more like “support”) on every time I upload new music.

Basically, when I upload new music, I take off the support from the old videos, and put that same money on the new video. And, I also leave the tips locked into the video, so it kinda piles up over time.

That just brought in like 10-30 followers (usually, not all the time) every time I upload a new music.

And I was uploading like 3-4 times a week, and that just brought me here.

I’m not sure if they are bots or real people, but I am sharing with you because at least it’s working and the numbers are going up.

It’s worth to point out (I actually already did point out, but) that I get tips from users or LBRY because the more I stake on videos, the search result for the music goes up algorithmically, so naturally I get more plays, and more rewards for it.

I’m not sure if this style works for everybody, but I hope this article helps somebody who is just about to start LBRY.

By Genx

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan.