Koala Sampler – Samurai Mode

I’ve purchased the Koala Sampler Samurai Mode in-app purchase.

To say the conclusion, it was a best buy.

With samurai mode, you can timestretch, add piano roll, and use auto chop.

With these new tools, it just made Koala Sampler invincible.

Basically, you sample something from YouTube by importing videos, then auto-chop, then use the piano roll to add and fix the notes.

(Seems like I still don’t have the opportunity to use timestretch yet)

After adding the notes through piano roll,

you make drum parts (regular version and the fill version), bass, and the upper instrumental separately,

effect them through filter, compressor, reverb, vibroflange, tempo delay, etc, and resample it.

Once you resample it, use the piano roll again to create the sequence.

Then, mix down in the end.

That’s my basic workflow.

Samurai mode was a must-buy.

By Genx

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan.