Making beats: Should I focus on quantity or quality?

Today, I’m going to talk about what I think about quantity vs quality when making beats.

To say the conclusion first, I believe quality is the most important, BUT it can only be achieved by quantity (creating a lot of beats and practicing), so after all, quantity becomes the most important factor, in my opinion.

Even if you create 1 beat per month spending hours and hours on that one beat, I believe your overall skills won’t improve as much.

On the other hand, if you start creating beats every day for 30 days in a row, it will help you learn more.

This is because every beat is different, like groove, bpm, atmosphere, style, etc, and you will start learning the ins and outs as you experiment with different ways of making beats.

So you cannot run away from practicing, obviously.

And my suggestion is to upload every beat you make, (I recommend BeatStars distribution because you can monetize forever and more) because beatmaking is a journey.

It’s going to be fun looking back at your old beats like 5 years later.

You will feel, “Wow, my mixing used to suck like shit! But, I actually I like how to put this sound together like this and that. That’s so me! I’ve improved a lot since then, but some things haven’t changed much, and that’s so interesting to know. I’m always me. Ha ha”

So you can basically look back later on and just feel great about the journey you took.

Try it out!

By Genx Beats

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan. I create background music for video creators.

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