Not really using the computer to make beats anymore.

Recently, I am creating beats without using the computer.

And, that is because I use this iPhone app called Koala Sampler, which is the best beatmaking app in the world.

I’ve been using Ableton Live 10, but now I am reluctant to upgrade to Ableton Live 11.

I’ve also been using Reason Studio Suite as a sub-DAW for my sounds, but apprarently, Reason Studio is going to discontinue their Suite version in the future, and focus on Reason+.

As a Reason Studio Suite user, I can use Reason+ for $99/yr for the first year, and $199/yr from the following year, but somehow subscription for using DAW is making me cringe.

With Reason+, you get new sound every month, and you get to try every new synthesizers they come up with, but with Koala Sampler, you can simply sample anything from YouTube, so it’s not like I need more sounds.

Also, it’s not like I hate subscription (hey, I subscribe to Netflix and Hulu, and it’s totally cool), but subscribing to use a DAW seems like outdated to me.

I am starting to wonder why I should be using the computer to make music, when I can be making beats using the iPhone only.

Especially after Koala Sampler added Samurai mode, I don’t have much benefits using the computer.

Also, I’ve been using BeatStars distribution lately, and with the app called BeatStars Studio on an iPhone app, I can upload to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and so on just from my iPhone.

It’s like there is nothing I cannot do with an iPhone anymore.

In regards to artwork, I browse through pics using the Unsplash app, download the one that looks good, use Phonto app to add text, save it on camera roll, and just select that artwork to upload through BeatStars Studio.

I’m becoming really lazy, but that’s how much Koala Sampler Samurai Mode has changed my game.

It’s so convenient.

In the future, I might not even need a Mac anymore either.

By Genx

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan.