Plans to get rid of my Mac for music creation

I am now planning to create a workflow that allows me to do all my music stuff without a Mac.

I don’t see why I am paying for Ableton Live upgrades, Reason+ subscription, and Waves Update Plan anymore.

I think the world has changed so much to a point I can make music with only Koala Sampler, especially after Samurai mode came out.

Not only I will be spending less money for DAWs, but I feel like using iPhone to create music helps me get the inspiration.

The fact that it’s portable, the fact that I can sample anything from YouTube, makes me feel like I have a whole studio in my point, which makes me really excited.

I just think that the hurdle for making music has went down so low that using the computer to create music will force me to stay in the old paradigm, which I don’t wanna stay in.

I think Koala Sampler makes my beat sound more Hip Hop than ever, and I really like how it’s going.

By Genx

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan.


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