You are already a professional beatmaker if you have ever received money from your music work

I believe that if have received any money, even just one cent, from your beat itself or from your music work, you are already a professional beatmaker.

So, just be proud, and treat yourself like a professional, if you are really into beatmaking.

If you treat your music as a hustle, it will become a hustle. If you treat yourself as a professional, people will treat you as a professional.

This is just a thought for those who are still not confident enough to tell yourself that you are not a professional “yet.”

Just declare that you are already a professional beatmaker. and the reality will follow.

To clarify, there is actually no need to even wait until you actually start earning any money because once you “declare” that you are a professional beatmaker, you have already become one.

Revolution happens in your mind, and will complete in a split second.

Just be proud.

You are awesome.

Making beatmaking your habit

I suggest you to make one beat every day for the next thirty days.


Because it will create a habit for you to start making beats every day.

Once you pass the 21 day mark, it will become automatic for you, that you don’t actually have to try anymore.

Your brain will automatically direct you to start making beats, so you won’t feel like you are working hard at it anymore.

Imagine being able to make 365 beats in one year.

That is pretty awesome, if you think about it.

Try it out.

The Difference between yesterday and today

Every day might be slow for you at times, and you might be wondering,

“Am I on the right track? Is there anything I can do to make today better?”

And you start to get anxious about not being able to accomplish much as you think you should be doing, so you start blaming yourself for that.

Well, I get that.

We all have that kind of stage.

But here is the thing.

Maybe you can think like this, and you will better about yourself once again.

That is,

The difference between yesterday and today is that I have one more beat uploaded on my beat catalog.

Wow. This is good, don’t you think?

If you can think like that, you know that you’re putting one foot on front of the other, and you’re already perfectly on track.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

You can kick back and relax and not make beats if you don’t want to.

I get it.

But when you actually take enough rest, I bet you that you will want to start making beats again.

Then, you can start making beats again and your catalog will start growing again.

You know, making beats is supposed to be a process, and you are supposed to be enjoying the process itself.

Forget the results, enjoy the process.

Take a rest if you want to, and keep coming back to it when you are ready to restart.

That’s the secret to go really really far.

Play the long game.

Play this game for life.

Stocking your catalog with beats

At one time of my life, there was a time when I thought uploading beats doesn’t help anyone.

So I kept my beats stocked on my hard drive.

Until…I realized one thing.

That is,

Youtubers make youtube videos, bloggers write blog articles, and beatmakers make beats.

So beatmakers make beats.



So it is important to note that uploading beats is significant and valuable for beatmakers because it keeps piling up as you make beats even if you just do it for fun.

So once you make a beat, it is important to upload it to a place where people can listen it to.

But where to?

Don’t just upload on SoundCloud.

Sign up for Beatstars distribution and upload it to 41 stores all at once.

Pay $19.99 a year (yes, a year!) and make them do all the work.

That way, you can start monetizing off your beats through streaming and/or download.

Minimize effort, maximize results.

Why do I say that?

Because uploading to many location is tedious and it gets really tiring. It’s pretty hard as a labor and it can be unsustainable.

So, don’t do that, and just upload to one location, that is to BeatStars distribution, and they will do all the distribution for you and you can start distributing to all over the world.

Obviously, don’t make money the motivator, because then you will be sidetracked again.

You will start feeling less of yourself if your stream count does not go up or you can’t get followers.

But look, your beat was stored in your hard drive anyway, and time will pass whether you keep it on your hard drive or upload it to BeatStars distribution.

So, don’t expect too much, just upload it anyways, and feel “lucky” if you start earning money off it.

Money is just a side-effect of distributing your music to all over the world.

The whole point of this plan is to distribute your music everywhere with minimal effort, instead of keeping them stocked in your hard drive collecting digital dust.

I just want you to take home one thing.

Upload your beats through BeatStars distribution, and make them into a habit.

That way, you have a place to output your beats, and your catalog will keep stocking up, without effort. (Because you like to make beats anyways, so there’s no effort involved)