How to record MIDI information of Reason BeatMap on Ableton Live

Found a helpful video, so I am going to post it here so I can remember it.

05:14 to 06:15

  1. Make sure to open BeatMap on Reason Rack Plugin on its own MIDI track on Ableton Live. MIDI OUT device will carry the signal out of the track.

2. Open Reason Rack Plugin on another MIDI track. Open KONG.

3. Set MIDI From to the track where BeatMap is configured. Right underneath the MIDI From setting, choose Reason Rack Plugin. Then set to monitor IN.

Then, BeatMap’s MIDI will be sent to the MIDI track where KONG is configured.

Once you confirm that KONG is playing properly, set BEATMAP setting according to make sure you got the right groove.

Once done, record it on arrangement mode.

Finally, you can set MIDI FROM to the original setting, and set monitor back to AUTO.