Targeting audience that are already attracted to you

I make music.

I was originally making music for music artists, but somehow YouTubers kept coming to me.

So, during the process, I accidentally found the group of people who were interested in my music.

So then, I started targeting video creators.

But it’s not like I changed my music style for them.

I kept the same style (it’s more like I can’t change my style for others), but mentally I started focusing on them.

Then, I started to understand what social media to use, what target words I should start using, etc.

So, my message became clearer, I should say.

It’s funny that I got to find these audiences accidentally.

Well, to be exact, nothing happens by accident, so I already had that character that will attract video creators, but when I first started this journey, I did not expect this at all.

So all you need to do is watch carefully, and observe the result objectively, then pinpoint some things that started to work for you naturally without trying hard.

That’s the path you need to take.

By Genx Beats

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan. I create background music for video creators.

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