Unbelievable Internet

You know what’s pissing me off?

My home internet.

It’s giving me super slowness.

Since macbook air doesn’t have cell reception, and wi-fi is practically dead,

I have to be using my Softbank cellular network to update my blog from now on.

And I’ve got 50GB plan, so it’s kinda worrying me that it’s gonna exceed the limit one day.

It seems like Softbank is coming up with an unlimited usage plan next month, I will probably end up switching to it.

Also, I get to finally use 5G once I move to that plan.

So, I guess “something that appears bad” is actually not a bad thing because it is leading me to something better.

Also, I am forced to work on my iPhone, which means that I am forced to simplify my process to update my blogs.

So I end up using my brain more to make everything more efficient.

I think it was inevitable that I had to go through this change.

Maybe I’ll start shooting videos instead of text. (It’s just a maybe)

By Genx

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan.

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