What do I think about free beats?

What do I think about free beats?

I think free beats are okay.

But I quit distributing them.

It doesn’t have to be me who distributes them.

There are tons and tons of free beats anyways.

So, now I just distribute through BeatStars distribution.

In my eyes, I just create beats because I love creating instrumentals.

I also use regular BeatStars too, but my main goal is not to sell them.

I do sell beats at a certain price if you wanna pay for it to use it, but that’s not my goal.

The reason I use BeatStars is because BeatStars has this functionality called pro page that allows me to easily create a website using my custom domain, so I just use it to create one.

Yes, I can use WordPress to create my website too, but it is just so much easier with the BeatStars pro page, considering the fact that they have music players that let you play music and switch to the next one easily, sort, search, etc.

If I were to do that on WordPress, one has to jump to another page to listen to the next song and stuff, so the usability is not too great when you have to move across pages.

By Genx Beats

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan. I create background music for video creators.

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