You are already a professional beatmaker if you have ever received money from your music work

I believe that if have received any money, even just one cent, from your beat itself or from your music work, you are already a professional beatmaker.

So, just be proud, and treat yourself like a professional, if you are really into beatmaking.

If you treat your music as a hustle, it will become a hustle. If you treat yourself as a professional, people will treat you as a professional.

This is just a thought for those who are still not confident enough to tell yourself that you are not a professional “yet.”

Just declare that you are already a professional beatmaker. and the reality will follow.

To clarify, there is actually no need to even wait until you actually start earning any money because once you “declare” that you are a professional beatmaker, you have already become one.

Revolution happens in your mind, and will complete in a split second.

Just be proud.

You are awesome.

By Genx Beats

A music producer from Tokyo, Japan. I create background music for video creators.

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