Why Google Adsense is obsolete

Google adsense might have been a good method in the past, but now I believe it is an obsolete business model.

First of all, the content providers cannot select the type of ads that will show up. That is critical in the sense that it can mess up your brand image.

Second, the growth of ad-blocking browsers, like that of Brave Browser, is completely going to kill the game.

Adsense will not show up when you view webpages on Brave Browser, and also it can cut off many of the ads in YouTube videos as well.

So, many website owners don’t want to tell you this because they will lose revenue by telling you that there is an ad-blocking browser available.

Now, the world is more about P2P supporting.

You can donate cryptocurrencies like BAT to website owners if you use the Brave Browser.

Also, if you use platforms like Odysee to distribute your videos, then you can donate LBRY Credits to each other within the platform.