Making beats: Should I focus on quantity or quality?

Today, I’m going to talk about what I think about quantity vs quality when making beats.

To say the conclusion first, I believe quality is the most important, BUT it can only be achieved by quantity (creating a lot of beats and practicing), so after all, quantity becomes the most important factor, in my opinion.

Even if you create 1 beat per month spending hours and hours on that one beat, I believe your overall skills won’t improve as much.

On the other hand, if you start creating beats every day for 30 days in a row, it will help you learn more.

This is because every beat is different, like groove, bpm, atmosphere, style, etc, and you will start learning the ins and outs as you experiment with different ways of making beats.

So you cannot run away from practicing, obviously.

And my suggestion is to upload every beat you make, (I recommend BeatStars distribution because you can monetize forever and more) because beatmaking is a journey.

It’s going to be fun looking back at your old beats like 5 years later.

You will feel, “Wow, my mixing used to suck like shit! But, I actually I like how to put this sound together like this and that. That’s so me! I’ve improved a lot since then, but some things haven’t changed much, and that’s so interesting to know. I’m always me. Ha ha”

So you can basically look back later on and just feel great about the journey you took.

Try it out!

What do I think about free beats?

What do I think about free beats?

I think free beats are okay.

But I quit distributing them.

It doesn’t have to be me who distributes them.

There are tons and tons of free beats anyways.

So, now I just distribute through BeatStars distribution.

In my eyes, I just create beats because I love creating instrumentals.

I also use regular BeatStars too, but my main goal is not to sell them.

I do sell beats at a certain price if you wanna pay for it to use it, but that’s not my goal.

The reason I use BeatStars is because BeatStars has this functionality called pro page that allows me to easily create a website using my custom domain, so I just use it to create one.

Yes, I can use WordPress to create my website too, but it is just so much easier with the BeatStars pro page, considering the fact that they have music players that let you play music and switch to the next one easily, sort, search, etc.

If I were to do that on WordPress, one has to jump to another page to listen to the next song and stuff, so the usability is not too great when you have to move across pages.

Stocking your catalog with beats

At one time of my life, there was a time when I thought uploading beats doesn’t help anyone.

So I kept my beats stocked on my hard drive.

Until…I realized one thing.

That is,

Youtubers make youtube videos, bloggers write blog articles, and beatmakers make beats.

So beatmakers make beats.



So it is important to note that uploading beats is significant and valuable for beatmakers because it keeps piling up as you make beats even if you just do it for fun.

So once you make a beat, it is important to upload it to a place where people can listen it to.

But where to?

Don’t just upload on SoundCloud.

Sign up for Beatstars distribution and upload it to 41 stores all at once.

Pay $19.99 a year (yes, a year!) and make them do all the work.

That way, you can start monetizing off your beats through streaming and/or download.

Minimize effort, maximize results.

Why do I say that?

Because uploading to many location is tedious and it gets really tiring. It’s pretty hard as a labor and it can be unsustainable.

So, don’t do that, and just upload to one location, that is to BeatStars distribution, and they will do all the distribution for you and you can start distributing to all over the world.

Obviously, don’t make money the motivator, because then you will be sidetracked again.

You will start feeling less of yourself if your stream count does not go up or you can’t get followers.

But look, your beat was stored in your hard drive anyway, and time will pass whether you keep it on your hard drive or upload it to BeatStars distribution.

So, don’t expect too much, just upload it anyways, and feel “lucky” if you start earning money off it.

Money is just a side-effect of distributing your music to all over the world.

The whole point of this plan is to distribute your music everywhere with minimal effort, instead of keeping them stocked in your hard drive collecting digital dust.

I just want you to take home one thing.

Upload your beats through BeatStars distribution, and make them into a habit.

That way, you have a place to output your beats, and your catalog will keep stocking up, without effort. (Because you like to make beats anyways, so there’s no effort involved)