Using Brave Browser as your main browser on iOS

Recently, I started using Brave Browser as my main browser on iOS. It’s a really good browser because it blocks most of the ads. After iOS 14, you can basically set other browsers as your default browser from settings –> Safari. So you just select Brave as your default.

Video editing with LumaFusion

I used the iPhone only to create the video, edit it on LumaFusion, and uploaded to LBRY. Well, LumaFusion also has the function to upload to YouTube directly, so you can do that too, if you want. What I did on LumaFusion was that I’ve added background music, added watermark, and mixed down. I used… Continue reading Video editing with LumaFusion

Create Pixel Art from Any Photo on iOS

I will introduce you to an app that allows you to create a pixel art by taking a new photo or from existing camera roll, right on the iPhone. The app is called Pixel Art Camera. It has multiple styles and effects too. It also has a pro function that is available for in-app purchase.

Changing Image Size on iOS

I will introduce you to an app that I use to modify the image size right from the iPhone. It’s called Image Size. It allows you to change image size by maintaining aspect ratio or by altering the aspect ratio. It also shows you the new filesize so that helps a lot too.

Compressing Photo on iOS without changing dimensions

I wanted an app on iOS that compresses the photo without changing the dimensions, with a simple interface, just like the JPEGMini on the Mac. I finally found one. Super easy and useful. Moreover, it’s free. If you want to take off ads from the app or process more than three images at a time,… Continue reading Compressing Photo on iOS without changing dimensions