Odysee updates on moderation tools

Now, Odysee/LBRY has added a feature to block/mute channels and remove comments. It’s a nice update, I must say. You can now block/mute channels and remove comments. Finally! https://t.co/wztUowHIoN — Genx Beats (@genxbeats) March 5, 2021

Odysee now has 20 million users

I found out through this tweet that Odysee user has surpassed 20 million users. Wow, 20 million users is pretty nice. https://t.co/X02Xw0JV7S — Genx Beats (@genxbeats) March 4, 2021 Seems like the growth rate is increasing rapidly.

Video editing with LumaFusion

I used the iPhone only to create the video, edit it on LumaFusion, and uploaded to LBRY. Well, LumaFusion also has the function to upload to YouTube directly, so you can do that too, if you want. What I did on LumaFusion was that I’ve added background music, added watermark, and mixed down. I used… Continue reading Video editing with LumaFusion