What fonts am I using for my artworks?

For my music artworks, I am using the font, Oswald.

I mainly use the Shutterstock editor to add the text.

Sometimes, I use the Phonto app on my iPhone to do it.

What do I use to create artworks on a computer?

Previously, I have written about how I create my artwork on my iPhone.

Today, I am going to write how I create my artwork on a computer.

I don’t use any fancy apps like Adobe or anything like that.

Instead, I use the shutterstock editor.

It’s an free browser-based editor within the shutterstock service.

You don’t even have to buy or subscribe to shutterstock to be able to use it because you can upload images from the computer.

So you can use sites like unsplash to download royalty free images, then upload to shutterstock editor to add text to the image to create an artwork.

It’s a very simple, easy, and efficient way to edit images.